At Barton & Baker, our attorneys stand for what is right. We never reject the cause of those who have been oppressed. We promise to treat our clients with the care and respect they deserve. This means keeping strong communication with our clients and maintaining their confidence. We believe our job is to give our clients the most capable representation possible to achieve the most successful outcome in their cases. Just as the Illinois Supreme Court instructed: “It is the duty of all lawyers to seek resolution of disputes at the least cost in time, expense and trauma to all parties and to the courts.” That is our pledge to you.

Furthermore, the Lawyers Marilyn Barton and Kathryn Baker will strive to meet with the following goals, which were put forth by the Illinois branch of the American Bar Association:

  1. We will be courteous.

As lawyers diligently advancing the legitimate interests of our clients, we will treat the court, other counsel, all parties and other persons in a civil and courteous manner, both within and outside of court proceedings and in all oral or written communications.

  1. We will be cooperative.

While we fulfill our particular obligations within a representative system, we recognize that being an advocate does not preclude cooperation and never justifies any intentional misrepresentation nor any personal comments, arguments or accusations going beyond the facts or law of a particular dispute. A client’s ill will toward an opponent need not be ours and will not define our relationship to other lawyers or the court nor dictate our choice of tactics or permissible professional conduct.

  1. We will be responsive and timely.

Our communications to the court, to clients and among other lawyers will be prompt and timely. As competent professionals, we will be well prepared and ready to address issues and concerns as they arise. We will neither demand unreasonable deadlines nor fail to meet reasonable ones. We will cooperate with each other and neither seek delays without good cause and timely notice, nor unreasonably object to reasonable requests.

  1. We will keep our word.

We will faithfully honor our representations, commitments and promises or explain in a timely manner why we cannot.

  1. We will use fair tactics.

In professional dealings outside of court, we will conduct ourselves as we would if we were in the presence of the court. In this spirit, we will not use unfair tactics in resolving disputes.

  1. We will represent our professional ideals.

We recognize that creating and reinforcing the spirit of professionalism among us is an ongoing process and one that can include such considerations as appropriate attire, speech and conduct in professional settings and an awareness of our professional standing in circumstances where a public perception of the legal profession is formed.

  1. We will strive to improve the legal profession.

Recognizing that enhancement of the profession is both a collective and individual task, we will seek opportunities where we can be of service to the bench and Bar. When appropriate, we will request assistance from and give assistance to each other. We will be particularly mindful of the need to be supportive and helpful to new members of the profession.

  1. We will strive to serve our community.

We recognize the importance of contributing to and serving the community in which we practice our profession.