Kathryn Baker (Kate)

Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree – Northern Illinois University College of Law

B.S. Psychology and Sociology – Bradley University


  • Assessment and Referral Specialist
  • DUI Evaluation and Risk Education Provider

lawyerKathryn Baker recently passed the Illinois State Bar Examination after graduating from Northern Illinois University in May of 2014. Kathryn continues the proud legacy started by her grandmother, the first female lawyer in Ottawa. Just like her grandmother and business partner Marilyn Barton, Kathryn has a sharp intellect and a heart that truly cares for people. With a history in counseling, Kathryn makes a point to get to know each of her clients as she guides them legally through the difficult challenges they face.

Beginning in law

Kathryn Baker initially swore off law school. After graduating Bradley University with a degree in psychology, Kathryn started working as a counselor at the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery. Despite her passion for counseling, after a few years Kathryn wanted to be a greater source of support for those facing life’s challenges and decided to consider a new line of work.

So she took up her grandmother’s invitation to work in her law office as a legal assistant. After seeing how intertwined counseling was with family law, Kathryn was hooked. Now, years later, Attorney Kathryn Baker puts her counseling to use by providing personalized legal attention to each of her clients.

Practice areas

Attorney Kathryn Baker covers several areas of law. Click any of the following to see where she can represent you and your needs:

Outside the Courtroom

Kathryn loves computers and also enjoys life outdoors. Her hobbies include hiking, biking and camping. Travel is another passion of hers: In 2012, she jumped at a chance to study the legal system in Europe.asolo-tps-520-gv

Kathryn has had opportunities to travel throughout her life. Outside of Illinois, Kathryn actually grew up near Portland, Oregon and in Montreal, Quebec. Although she says her French is a bit rusty, learning the language is definitely “on her list.”

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